Local Home Care Gives its Staff the Best Christmas Present!

A local home care company has demonstrated its commitment to its staff by giving them a wonderful Christmas present this year.

Radfield Home Care, based in Frankwell Shrewsbury, has written to all of its staff this Christmas to let them know that they are now members of a bonus scheme that will see each and every employee benefitting  from the success of the business. 

"Our care staff and office teams work so hard to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our elderly clients and they are always going above and beyond to help because they are dedicated to their role. We wanted to give something back to our employees to reward them for their dedication and to make all of our staff invested in the success of the business and the high standards of care that we strive for each and every day. " explains Dr Hannah MacKechnie, Director of Radfield Home Care.

"All employees at Radfield Home Care will be part of the bonus scheme which as well as providing a financial benefit, will also encourage employees to be more invested in all areas of the company which will have a positive benefit to our clients and their relatives. "

Radfield Home Care has always greatly valued it's staff and introduced the sector leading 'Caring for our Carer's pledge' back in 2013 which set out the ways in which carers should be looked after by their employers and was a call to other domiciliary providers to follow suit.

Dr Hannah MacKechnie continues "Recruiting staff in the care sector has become far more difficult in recent years and we hope that by publicly demonstrating our commitment to our employees it helps to show just how valued you are when you are part of the Radfield Home Care team and that this might make other people consider a career working in care."