Local Floatation Centre Prepares for April Re-opening

Shropshire Floats, based in the North Shropshire village of Myddle, is getting ready to re-open on April 12. Due to the three national lockdowns over the last year this will be the fourth time the business has opened since launching as the county’s first floatation centre in December 2019.

The business is run by Kevin and Suzie Guerin who live locally near Ironbridge. The floatation therapy they offer allows customers to float in lightproof, sound-insulated pods that contain a pool of body temperature water enriched with 550kgs of Epsom salts, which neutralise the effects of gravity. Studies have shown that one hour of floating can have the same restorative effects as four hours of deep sleep. The Epsom salts contain magnesium which regulates over 325 enzymes and reduces inflammation and muscle tension, and sulphates which enhance the absorption of nutrients and flush toxins.

Floatation centres have taken off worldwide in recent years. Famous floatation fans include Novak Djokovic, Robert Downey Jr and Emma Watson.

Shropshire Floats is the only centre in the county that features acoustic suppression to ensure complete relaxation. Their 5-star rating on Google and Facebook indicates how well received their offering is amongst their customers, which they report as being a 50/50 split of male and female customers from every age range.

Joint owner, Suzie Guerin, said, “Absolutely everyone has felt the effects of the last three lockdowns – mentally and physically. It has never been more important to look after your mental health and prioritise making time for yourself. We offer a truly relaxing escape from the world, allowing you to press pause on everything for an hour to concentrate on your own well-being. We can help, not only with physical aches and pains, but our treatments are proven to boost your immune system and aid anxiety, depression and insomnia.

“We know many of our customers are anxious about stepping back out into the world following lockdown, so we would encourage them to come out for a float as a gentle and safe way to ease back into things.”

Shropshire Floats hope that more locals will support their small business in 2021, whilst they in turn support fellow local business. They recommend customers time their sessions so they can enjoy a meal and drinks at The Red Lion afterwards – a pub that is also based in Myddle. They also stock products from the Elegance Natural Skincare company who are based in Whitchurch.

In addition to the state-of-the-art floatation pods, the business now offers use of a sunroom which features sunlight simulators, which replicate natural sunlight to boost vitamin D levels. To help boost the mental health of Shropshire’s residents during the month of April, they are offering a free sunroom session to anyone who books a double floatation session.

Suzie adds, “My mother, who suffers with Dementia, has been feeling very low during the lockdowns. She has really loved coming to use our sunroom whilst we’ve been closed. The Vitamin D boost has really lifted her spirits.”

The couple have also installed a ceiling hoist system over one of the pods to allow guests with limited mobility to get in and out, who would otherwise be unable to use their floatation pods.

“We want the people of Shropshire to know that despite all the lockdowns, we are still here, we are ready to open on the 12th and we cannot wait to welcome customers back!”