Local Company Supports Budding Students

Blueprint Travel Media is continuing to work alongside the local community to support students in their career search. 

Last year, Blueprint welcomed several Travel and Tourism students from the Shrewsbury Colleges Group. They gained an understanding of what working within a local business and office environment was like.

This September, Blueprint agreed to host third year English student, Zoe Evans, from University Centre Shrewsbury for an internship. Zoe was able to learn more about PR and marketing as she was provided with job specific information, including what is involved in the complete creation of a group travel brochure, how to write forewords, how press releases are constructed and the ways in which they are displayed and distributed, amongst other things. Zoe herself said, “Being a university student means that I have limited experience in the workplace, especially in the career that I am keen to pursue. Being at Blueprint is an invaluable opportunity for me as I can learn from the different individuals in the office, as well as put my learning into action by completing the tasks that they set me. I am thankful that Blueprint allowed me to come along and learn more about the Group Travel industry, specifically the design, marketing and sales aspects of the business.”

Located in the heart of Shrewsbury amongst the colleges and the newly established University Centre, Blueprint Travel Media is always dynamic in looking for ways to work with the local community. With the future of the town belonging to the up-and-coming business men and women, support and encouragement from businesses like Blueprint gives students a helping hand in their progression from education to profession. They are given an insight into what the job entails, how to work as part of a team and given guidance on how to achieve and increase their employability within this field of work. 

These experience opportunities also benefit the local educational facilities as companies like Blueprint create spaces for students during their compulsory modules, widening horizons and inspiring future careers. Dr Lucy Andrew, Programme Leader of BA (Hons) English at University Centre Shrewsbury commented, “We recognize the importance of the experiences that our students can gain from the workplace and the impact that this has on their success after graduating. As such, we build a Work Based Learning module into every course to allow students to gain crucial workplace experience. English graduates go on to work in a vast range of industries, and placements such as those offered by Blueprint Travel Media help students to experience the demands of a work-place environment and give them an insight into the variety of careers that they could pursue.”

Offering work placements and welcoming students can introduce fresh, dynamic ideas into the workplace, therefore benefitting all involved. Dan Steeden, Design, Marketing and Social Media Creative at Blueprint Travel Media, added, “As someone who has only fairly recently entered into full time employment in the sphere of marketing, I can appreciate how beneficial experience of this kind is to students, especially as I struggled to find work experience myself for a long time. It is also great to see young people showing initiative, aptitude and a good work ethic. That certainly contributes to the mutually beneficial relationship that we have developed with both the college and the university. We always have tasks that need doing that can help the students learn, while also helping us manage our workloads more efficiently.” 

Blueprint Travel Media will continue to support local students and will be accepting experience offers for the next academic term shortly.

Founded in 2007, Blueprint Travel Media is now firmly established as one of the UK’s leading travel trade publishers specialising in the production of group travel guides, brochures and contract publications for national tourism associations as well as regional tourist offices and local attractions.