Local Care company add a spooky halloween twist to their recruitment campaign

A local care company, Bluebird Care Shropshire, has taken a creative and spooky twist in their new recruitment campaign. The company, which is based in Bayston hill, and provides care all around Shropshire, made an adorable Halloween themed video with their company mascot, Ted, a little teddy bear, and local celebrity Martin Wood, otherwise known as the Shrewsbury Town crier.

The video depicts Ted, who proudly wears his knitted Bluebird Care tabard, (created by the very talented Shirley Stone!)  following Martin around the cobbled streets of Shrewsbury and listening to some spooky stories. Locations in the video include Fish street, the Prince Rupert Hotel, and Shrewsbury castle.

The video has been made to highlight that working in care is not that scary, and to recruit some brilliant new people to the platform. Bluebird Care is looking to dispel the stereotype around care work, and let people know that it can be an incredibly rewarding career, with many possible career paths. The Director of Care for Bluebird Care Shropshire, Claire Flavell, had this to say about the video:
“I am so proud of the hard work that’s been put into this recruitment campaign – not just from the social media side of things but also the HR aspect to it. Our team work so hard every day to help people and it’s lovely to see us being represented in such a fun way.
Care work has a slightly scary (pun intended!) reputation, but we actually have amazing jobs that really make a difference –helping customers in their own home has been proven to help them recover faster and there are also some amazing friendships made across the generations.”

Rachel Evans, the PR and Marketing officer for Bluebird Care, who filmed and edited the video, alongside a little bit of puppetry, commented:
“Ted has really taken on a character of his own online and we’re excited to see how his adventures continue! So far he’s explored Oswestry, Bayston Hill, and Church Stretton. He also visited Shrewsbury Bizfest a few weeks ago and threw an axe – he’s been a busy little bear!

I originally made the videos because I wanted to show what a lovely company Bluebird Care is to work for, but it’s turned into more than that – it’s showing people that this sort of career can really be fun. I’ve met some wonderful customers who have really made me smile, and I’m genuinely honoured to be producing content for them that will hopefully do the same.”

Martin Wood, the town crier, also said “I think it’s a fantastic idea, and I know how hard it is to find good people in this industry, so I’m happy to help in any way I can. Ted really behaved himself and we had a lovely morning.”

Ted was sadly unavailable for comment, because he was eating all of his Halloween sweeties. Happy Halloween everyone!