Kelda rows to raise on the Atlantic

A Bannatyne Shrewsbury member and para athlete, Kelda Wood, is completing a solo row across the Atlantic to raise money for youth charity, Climbing Out.

Kelda will row 3000 miles to raise more than £50,000 for the charity she established in 2010, which aims to build and self-esteem in young people facing life changing injury, illness or trauma.

Kelda experienced her own life changing injury in 2002 after a bale of haylage weighing more than one tonne fell from the top of a stack, crushing her underneath. She suffered a compound fracture in her left ankle and this significant injury caused her to be unable to participate in sport, something Kelda has always been very passionate about.

Throughout her recovery, Kelda has trained at the Bannatyne Shrewsbury club to build her strength and after two years of training, Kelda will be embarking on her journey on December 12th.

Each day of Kelda’s gruelling challenge will be dedicated to someone different, all of whom have suffered personal trauma. One of the days will be dedicated to Bannatyne Shrewsbury sales manager, Ben, a survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Kelda said: “The journey to recovery has been very taxing, both mentally and physically, but I’m very excited that the solo row is just around the corner.

“Training at the Bannatyne Shrewsbury club has really helped me prepare for the 16 hours a day I will be spending on the oars! I’d like to take the time to thank everyone who’s sponsored and supported me throughout my training, your kindness won’t be forgotten.”

David Hammond, General Manager of Bannatyne Shrewsbury, said: “Watching Kelda’s progress throughout her training has been incredible. She always gives 110% and she’s come a long way.

“From myself and everyone at the Bannatyne Shrewsbury club, I’d like to wish Kelda the best of luck for her journey and we’re looking forward to seeing you back in the club on your return to dry land!”

If you would like to donate and support Kelda’s solo row, please visit