James Bond retires and swaps his 007 handle for the keys and licence to drive a school minibus

A Shropshire school has recruited a new minibus driver with an exciting past and a name you will recognise - James Bond.

Rumour has it, the latest recruit to the Oswestry School minibus driving team, James Bond, might once have gone by the code name 007 but in true former spy form, he is keeping tight lipped and denies working at any other job prior to his retirement than being a journalist.

James Bond, claims, prior to becoming a part-time minibus driver at Oswestry School, he worked for the BBC for 36 years starting and finishing at Radio Shropshire. One of the roles in between was first Sports Journalist when BBC started reporting on Sport online - in London 

But staff and pupils at the school think the journalism was just an elaborate cover story for his life as 007 as they point out the BBC job took him all over the world from Canada to Barcelona and could have been the perfect cover story for a spy on a host of secret missions.

Oswestry School Headteacher, Peter Middleton said: “We take the safety and comfort of our pupils very seriously so when we were looking to recruit a new bus driver for the Nesscliffe, Adcote, Kinton, Kinnerley, Knockin Heath, West Felton route and had an application from James Bond, we knew he would be a perfect fit.

“Having seen all the films, I knew James Bond could drive everything from an Aston Martin to a Jet Ski so we knew everyone on his bus would be in safe hands and it turns out 007 settled down and has a charming wife called Calli, who enjoys baking for 11 pupils he drives – earning his vehicle the nickname the cake bus.”

James decided it was time to retire from his full-time work and applied to drive a minibus for Oswestry School as he wanted a role where he didn't have to work such long hours and could switch off after work and spend more time with his wife.

Oswestry School currently offers 12 different routes across Shropshire, Powys and Wrexham and Cheshire which are assessed every academic year to ensure the schools caters to the needs of pupils and their families.

It has a fleet of 14 minibuses, with experienced and qualified minibus drivers which now includes James Bond who may or may not be a former spy but is an excellent asset to the school.

Oswestry school, which was established in 1409 is a registered charity number 1079822.