Ironwork’s marks 70 years of the NHS with celebratory sculpture

To celebrate and honour 70 wonderful years of the NHS, this sculpture was created by The British Ironworks Centre and unveiled at a charity fun day at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, where it now remains stood proudly outside of the hospital’s general ward.

The Centre, which is based on the A5 between Oswestry and Shrewsbury, agreed to make this striking sculpture at no cost to the NHS using an array of obsolete and unwanted hospital equipment donated by local Shropshire hospitals.

Clive Knowles, Owner and Chairman of the British Ironwork Centre, said: “We have been delighted to work with SaTH in creating this stunning sculpture to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS. It reflects our love for the NHS but also the kind, caring, and hard-working people who work in the organisation throughout Shropshire.”

Created by Ironworks Sculptor Luke Kite alongside the help of local nurses, this sculpture takes the form of a heart, symbolising our nation’s love for the NHS and depicting a fascinating story of medical history and legacy. Taking over 3 months to complete from start to finish, this sculpture involved the meticulous collecting of old bits and pieces from archive rooms, metal skips, and hospital grounds.

Lovingly pieced together, this sculpture features antiquated blood pressure monitors, parts of hospital beds, surgical hands, microscopes, wheelchairs, a former anaesthetic machine, and a broken dialysis machine to create a truly compelling piece of national pride.