How to Make Money Online with Writing

Internet availability and advancement have made it possible for people to earn income without engaging in the traditional 9-5 jobs. There are countless ways to earn money online and one of them is through writing. Being a digital nomad allows you to work in locations that suit you and have ample of time at your disposal to stay closer to your family.

You do not need to be a seasonal writer or an established writer before you begin to make money as a writer. As long as you have impressive writing skill, you can start right away. The internet is replete with people that are looking for freelance writers. There are many platforms where they go in search of people with such skills and this is where you can go to offer them a writing service and make money as a writer.

Ways to Make Money Online Writing

If you want to make money online, you have to be conversant with the tips and strategies. There are virtual platforms where you can offer freelance writing services. From freelance blogging to freelance journalism, you can offer all of it there. If you quit your traditional office job to earn money online, you should consider the following places to work as a freelance writer.

Job Boards

Job boards are the best place to make your break if you are new to writing. As a new freelance writer, job boards are the site you should find regular and long-term writing jobs. Below are the top job boards you should consider getting on.

Journalism Jobs

For part-time and full-time journalists, JournalismJobs is a platform for you to offer freelance journalism services. The journalism writing jobs you can offer here includes jobs for radio, newspaper, TV, and internships.

Writing Career

If you have considered making money as a freelance writer on a platform that offers so many options, Writing Career is the place to be. On this site, freelance writers can offer writing services in varying niches including poetry, novels, website content, blog articles, short stories and many more. This is a convenient place to earn a living as a writer.

Blogger Jobs

Blogger Jobs is a job board that lists so many writing jobs for freelance writers. Full-time writing jobs and internships are also offered here. This offers you the edge to choose a writing job that suits your skill. Job blog posts are daily on their blogs.

Linkedin Jobs

Freelance writers can find writing jobs on Linkedin, which is a great networking tool. Writers can find writing jobs that are within their locality and beyond. At Linkedin, you will create a portfolio that displays your writing skill to a targeted audience. This way, you will become visible to those in need of a writing service.


This job board lists writing jobs for professional writers. For beginner freelance writers, this is the place to be. The platform has resources and learning aids that enable freelance writers to enhance their writing services. The appearance and the jobs listed are highly professional

Get a Writing Gig from Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelance writers can land freelance writing jobs. Founded in 2011, writing services can be offered here starting from $5. What makes Fiverr even more interesting is that it is the world’s largest online marketplace. This means you have a lofty possibility of finding a writing job here. Are there any Benefits?

  • On Fiverr, you can create as many writing gigs as possible. You can create a writing service that falls accordingly to a category that is highly demanded and get people to benefit from your skills.
  • You are paid after a writing job is completed. The limited charge per job is $5 but you can increase this to an amount that suits you. You can leverage this to earn as much as you want.
  • Flexibility is achievable. Gigs can be paused for writers while they take a break or attend to other things.
  • You will get to offer a writing service that is passionate about. Fiverr allows you to offer a unique and profitable service. Create a description and describe what you offer. This can be offered in varied packages. There is no limitation to what you can offer on this platform.

Start Your Blog and Write

Blogs are micro websites that are based mainly on written contents. Blogs allow writers to write stories and share them with an audience. Most blogs come with a comment section that allows the readers to comment and interact with the blog writer. Blogs are a veritable means for writers to relate and form a relationship with their audience.

There are different types of blogs to start today. There are news blogs, entertainment blogs, celebrity blogs, fashion blogs or sports blogs that you can start depending on the niche you love and can write proficiently.

Apart from sharing your knowledge or perspective with the world, blogs are a nice and easy way to make money online. With a few hours of writing, you can make a passive income on blogging as long as you keep your readers engaged with relevant and original writing contents.

The following is how to make money writing on blogs:

  • Set up a blog
  • Start writing content on many topics as possible
  • Put them on your blog for your targeted audience to read
  • Create a comment section to allow engagement with your readers
  • Monetize your blog to generate income by selling ads, and products.

Write On Medium

Medium is a free blogging platform where writers can create their own portfolio/blogs. However, making money on Medium is also possible if you know the right steps.

When paid Medium members clap for your story (clapping is similar to liking), you earn a portion of their monthly membership fee. With enough claps, you can earn some considerable income every month for your writing.

Medium is free, so there’s no risk in writing on the platform. Over time, if you grow a following, you can reliably earn money for every story you write since you will have an active following that can clap for your stories.


There is no limit to the money you can make as a blog writer. The core of your blog is on the writing quality. Keep the writing interesting and relevant to enable you to keep the readers engaged. Consequentially, you will have them to help you make
money online

Making money as a writer online is easy as long as you have the skill. It gives you more time to travel, rest and spend quality time with your family. Now you know how freelance writing works and the benefits. Become a freelance writer today and make money writing.