History Of Horse Racing In The UK

Horse racing has been around for several years. Only that it became very popular recently. The history of horse racing dates back to as early as c.1500 B.C when it was said to have started in Assyria. Aside this, chariot racing was popular in the Roman times. Although the first recorded horse racing event is said to have taken place at Smithfield, London, England.

Just as Chariots was known with royalty in the Roman times, the royal families are said to be behind many history of horse racing. History have it that Henry II imported many horse to England solely for the purpose of breeding them while Charles II is recorded to be the first person to develop a set of rules for horse racing in the year 1664. The Jockey club was however formed some 88 years later and that led to the writing of the rules of racing which formed the bulk of the horse racing rules we have today.

First horse racing

Kiplingcotes Derby which started in the year 1519 is reputed to be the first horse racing event and still runs till date. The Carlisle Bells is the oldest sports trophy in the world. The competition for the The Carlisle Bells first took place in the 16th century. Ever since, there has been many horse racing events. One of the most popular is the Cheltenham festival.

The Cheltenham festival

Such is the popularity of the Cheltenham festival that it is not uncommon to see people thousands if not millions of people looking for todays horse racing tips to have a flutter on the horses at Cheltenham once the event is approaching. The Cheltenham festival is now one of the most popular horse racing events in the racing calendar, only second to the grand national. The festival usually takes place every March in the United Kingdom. It prize money just as is the case with it popularity is only second to the grand national. The first of it kind took place at Market Harborough and was initially known as the grand national hunt meeting but during the 20th century, the festival started taking place at the Warwick Racecourse. It now seems to have found it final home at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The Cheltenham festival often collide with the Saint Patrick's Day hence it popularity among the Irish visitors.

The Cheltenham festival which is usually a four days racing event features many Grade 1 catergorised races such as the Gold Cup, Champion Hurdle, Queen Mother Champion Chase and Stayers' Hurdle. The attendance of the events keep increasing. The 2019 Cheltenham festival broke virtually all attendance records. For instance, the Gold cup had an attendance of 71,816 on March 15 to break the previous record of 70,684 set in 2018. The total for the four days is put at 266,779 which eclipse the previous 262,637 record set in 2018.

Money to be made

The price money for the 2019 Cheltenham festival was put at £600,000 which smashed the £354,000 that was won at the 2017 Gold cup. Aside, the money available for horse trainers and riders, there is usually so much money to be made by punters who take bets on the different horses on show.