High Sheriff of Shropshire calls on county to support White Ribbon campaign

As this year’s White Ribbon Day approaches (November 25th), the High Sheriff of Shropshire has called on the county to get behind the campaign to end male violence towards women and girls.

The day is part of the work undertaken by White Ribbon UK to eradicate abuse, which people can support by becoming champions, ambassadors or having their organisation work towards accreditation by the charity.

Dean Harris is focusing on domestic abuse as one of her key causes during her year as High Sheriff, and is calling on everyone across Shropshire to make it their priority too.

With one in four women and one in six men impacted in their lifetime, eradicating domestic abuse is something which Dean believes is a cause the entire community should unite behind.

She is a staunch supporter of White Ribbon UK, part of a global movement aimed at ending male violence against women and girls. They do this by engaging with men and boys and asking them to fulfil the White Ribbon Promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.

The charity acts as a catalyst encouraging people to individually and collectively take action and change their behaviour - working together with supporters, ambassadors, champions, organisations and policy makers to raise awareness, educate and campaign to bring about change right across England and Wales.

Dean says: “We know categorically that there are many Shropshire women and girls sadly experiencing domestic abuse. There are also many Shropshire men perpetrating that violence. It’s not enough for people to say they are against domestic abuse, taking action and signing up to be part of the White Ribbon campaign sends a clear message: we will not tolerate abuse and there is no excuse.

Ambassadors and champions can sign up to take the White Ribbon message into workplaces, communities and to their peers. A White Ribbon Accreditation Programme also ensures organisations that sign up (large or small, from the public, private or charity sector) take a strategic approach to ending domestic violence and abuse..

Dean added: “Turning a blind eye to the issue or assuming you will never be impacted is not the answer. Two women are murdered every week in the UK through domestic abuse and we know that figure has doubled during COVID.  We need everyone in Shropshire to take a stand. It is going on but is often hidden – if we don’t all look, we won’t all see; it is everyone’s’ problem and the solution is everyone’s problem.