Have a Heart Adopt Louis For Valentine's Day


Heart Op Puppy In Need Of Love To Mend Broken Heart This Valentine’s Day


A NEGLECTED PUPPY who survived lifesaving surgery to mend a broken heart is looking for a home of his own for Valentine’s day and the rest of his life.


Louis was rescued as part of a cruelty case from a home with 14 dogs, where they had no access to a garden or any form of exercise or stimulation in West Mercia. Many were taken in by one dog rescue, but two of them were initially taken in by charity Finding Furever Homes (FFH) and cared for at kennels they sponsor in Condover, Shropshire.


A week later FFH were told about Louis, a dog who had been declared "unlikely to pass their medical assessment” due to a serious heart condition. In an attempt to save his life FFH agreed to the take the Staffie-cross pup from the other charity. He has since undergone heart surgery at a cost of £3,000 in order to enable him to lead a good quality and full life.


Now FFH trustee and founder Andrea Newton is hoping the young dog who has had his heart mended physically will have to continue to heal metaphorically if he can find a new home of his own.


Andrea said: “Louis is a young dog who has been through a huge amount in his short life. He was neglected, then rescued, before undergoing surgery and the recovery process, so now all he wants for valentine’s is a home to call his own and a family to care for him.


“His heart is mending well physically after the operation and he is getting very good care in kennels but what he really needs now is the mental support and love that comes with a real home of his own.”


Finding Furever Homes is a volunteer-run charity that helps to rescue and rehome dogs throughout England and Wales. As a charitable trust, they provide funding to sponsor kennels and foster homes, and often part or fully subsidise veterinary care and specialist diets for dogs in a poor condition.


For more information on Finding Furever Homes and fostering or adopting a dog please visit www.findingfureverhomes.org.uk.