Going the Extra Mile for Co-op

This time last year Zoom 1hr Delivery was just serving its local area across Shropshire and mid-Wales. Fast-forward to today the on-demand delivery solution covers the length and breadth of the country from Carlisle to Falmouth and throughout Wales, after being selected as a last-mile delivery partner for Co-op 6 months ago. In that time Zoom 1hr has delivered 75K grocery orders for the leading supermarket.

Remarkably Zoom 1hr launched their service within 2 weeks for Co-op’s customers, to cater for the upsurge in demand for grocery deliveries last year. During the first three months of the partnership they launched across 65 Co-op stores and fulfilled 25K deliveries. Today Zoom 1hr serves over 100 Co-op stores with an ambition to add a further 170 stores this year.

Kevin Williams, Zoom 1hr founder, said, “The last year has been explosive for Zoom 1hr Delivery and we are ecstatic to now be operating on a national level with our hyperlocal, last mile delivery service.

“The landscape for consumer shopping habits, particularly for grocery shopping, has had a fundamental shake up thanks to the pandemic. Customers need and expect more now, with quick delivery being at the heart of that. I’m happy to say that on-demand delivery is here to stay, which means customers can keep benefitting from this fantastic service.

“Co-op customers can choose from 4,500 products via the ordering system at coop.co.uk/shop. They can track their deliveries in real time and because we deliver by car they can enjoy double the delivery basket size compared to all other delivery partners. We also supported the Co-op to reach customers lying just outside of our usual delivery zones by offering a large delivery radius, at no further cost to the Co-op or the customer. We really are going the extra mile for Co-op.”

Zoom 1hr believe that major food delivery players have left huge swathes of the population outside major cities underserved so have targeted rural areas and towns with their national expansion.

Kevin continues, “We believe these areas are the places where delivery solutions are needed more than ever, especially when the public have been cautiously staying at home. We have taken a flexible approach to new areas and increased our delivery radius in some of these places in order to service more communities who wouldn’t have had this kind of delivery service before.”

Zoom 1hr has been able to expand their own on-demand service across the UK simultaneously and have made over 300,000 deliveries of groceries, takeaways, drinks, and retail in the last three years. The business is currently open to investment through crowd funding platform Seedrs and has already raised over £571K - 285% of their initial investment target.

Kevin adds, “Our last mile delivery network is open to all businesses to use from small independent businesses to big chains, across cafés, restaurants, convenience stores, and retail. We would love to hear from any businesses in our areas that want to tap in to a new market through our Zoom 1hr app or website.”