Giant mural created as part of school art week

Pupils at a prep school in Shrewsbury have created a giant mural which will be part of their school for generations to come.
The mural was created as part of Prestfelde School’s arts week, with children getting involved in a number of activities centring around the giant piece of art being designed in the school dining room.
Professional artist, Rory McCann, who has created murals all over the world inspired by the plight of endangered animals, led the sessions with pupils.
Head of art at Prestfelde, Helen Allen, said it had been an inspiring week.
“It is the first time for eight or nine years that we have held an art week and it has been a great success,” she said.
“The children had the task of designing the mural, based on the animals which make up our house system, and it looks fabulous.
“Different groups spent time with Rory McCann during the course of the week so as many children as possible could learn from him, because it’s important that a wide range of pupils were involved in the mural.
“It now has pride of place on the wall of the dining room and the idea is for it to remain there for a long time to come.”
As well as the mural workshops, there was an exhibition of artwork produced by the whole school as part of the arts week.
A piece of art from every single pupil was framed professionally and displayed in the school chapel for an open exhibition, with parents and family members able to view and purchase the pieces.
Mrs Allen added: “We are really passionate about sharing the pupils’ creativity so to give them a chance to showcase their work has been fantastic.”
For more information about Prestfelde School, a co-educational preparatory school in Shrewsbury, visit the website at or call 01743 245400.