Get the best deals for your 2021 holiday

Booking a holiday abroad at the moment feels something like Russian roulette – nobody is quite sure whether his or her holiday is going to be the one that gets the bullet when it comes to quarantine. Of course, if you work from home, quarantine is not an issue, but if you have to go out to work or, you have school age children, it is. Therefore, perhaps the most sensible thing to do is look towards spring/summer 2021.

You may be more used to booking last minute to get the best deal, but in these unprecedented times, booking in advance offers numerous benefits – you just need to change your mindset and plan for the future.

Of course, we have to mention the C word first. Nobody knows when this horrid virus will go away or, if we will ever have a vaccine, however, in order to give customers peace of mind, many tour operators are already offering Covid-19 cover, which varies from company to company. Here at Opulent Travel Lounge we can offer advice on those companies to book with and those to avoid. With travel and tour operators desperate to secure your 2021 business, flexibility to change your holiday plans or include insurance will be high on their list of priorities.

Holiday companies, airlines and hotels have lost a lot of money and are desperate to get bums on seats and sunbeds and as a result, there are some incredible deals for spring/summer 2021. Short haul hols to popular destinations across the Med are being made available earlier than usual, as the industry is desperate to get flights and hotels booked up. Meanwhile, we are also seeing some great offers on our favourite long haul destinations and, of course when you book so far in advance it is much easier to budget and save.

We all need to something to look forward to and the idea of a sun-drenched break is no doubt high on the list for most of us. Once you have your 2021 holiday booked you can be confident that whatever happens your personal and professional travel agent has it covered – leaving you free do the fun part - plan that much needed escape.

Early birds who do take advantage of the incredible deals and offers available through Opulent Travel Lounge representatives will be ready to fly away on their stress free, cost effective holiday in 2021 - but for those who wait until later next year to book – be warned, you may not get the holiday you want and it’s very likely the cost of your holiday will be more expensive. Our advice, book with now for next year to secure a great deal.