G O Davies Fast Forward into Future Farming

G O Davies (Westbury) Limited, which has been trading for over 55 years, is now thrusting forward into the future with brothers, Owain and Ed Roberts. Relatively new recruits to the well established business, this duo have brought brand new qualifications and a new dimension to the business. They are eager to embrace innovation, smart agriculture and science based research to guarantee a sustainable, profitable and productive future for farming customers.

Farming is fraught with challenges, not only dealing with local but also global risks linked to supply and demand in fast-changing global markets. New and innovative measures to help farmers' competitiveness and resilience set the foundations for helpful advice.

Keen to be at the forefront of the current Agricultural Revolution, Owain and Ed Roberts are continually learning and achieving qualifications which allow them to provide good advice on sustainable farming. This generation of farmers are competing in a rapidly developing agricultural sector, with ongoing research into new techniques offering new sustainable ways to farm, continuous professional development is a priority for these Farm Traders.

“Ultimately, what we want to do is help our customers get more from less” said Owain Roberts; “I consider these exciting times in agriculture.  Change is continuous and being dynamic to survive is essential.”

As a member of the BASIS Professional Register, Owain is now a qualified BASIS Agronomist and well placed to advise on all crop needs, from crop protection to fertiliser use throughtout a crop rotation.

Brother Ed Roberts, the most recent recruit to join the family team, is a member of the Feed Advisers Register and is passionate about all things feed. Having just obtained a Diploma Ruminant Nutrition at Harper Adams University and his FACTS qualification, this part of the duo is very driven.  Taking the lead on all aspects of nutrition from grazed grass, to the ensiling process, to milk from protein and energy calculations, Ed has covered most things and plans to stay ahead of the game as agriculture evolves.

Ed Roberts says: “In the role of Farm Trader and Fertiliser Manager it is important to have a deeper understanding of the science behind ruminant nutrition and be aware of the latest research to ensure we can inform our customers about new theories to help overcome common problems. We are in a rapidly evolving world, technology is changing how we do things and farming is no exception.  Embracing change and providing guidance on sustainable resource management will help future generations in farming. I intend to keep learning to stay ahead of the game.  Providing the best advice to our customers is critical if they are to achieve profitable production from sustainable agricultural practices.”

Farming in the future will be just as different from what we know today, as today’s farming is radically different from what we knew 50 years ago but G O Davies (Westbury) will keep up to date with the changes ahead to provide the best advice possible.