Foster Home Wanted For Blind Terrier Who Loves to Snuggle

CANINE CHARITY Finding Furever Homes is appealing for someone to come forward and offer a happy retirement home to an elderly blind dog whose situation was made worse through neglect.

Little Old Harry, an elderly terrier, whose exact age is unknown, is blind in both of his eyes which appear sunken. But the situation has been made worse through neglect and it is now thought both eyes may have to be removed as they do not work and are causing him discomfort.

The friendly Jack Russell is currently being cared for by Finding Furever Homes in dog kennels they sponsor in Condover, Shropshire. Since Harry is going to require ongoing veterinary treatment for the rest of his life, he needs to go to a permanent foster home in Shrewsbury of surrounding areas with someone who is willing and able to take him for regular treatment and check-ups with his existing vet.  All treatment for his eyes will be paid for by the charity.

Andrea Newton, founder of the Finding Furever Homes, said: “Despite his discomfort, Little Old Harry is an incredibly sweet and loving little dog who loves nothing more than to cuddle up under a duvet and have a good sleep. But to make sure he continues to have the best quality of life he needs to go to a foster home where he can settle in and put on some weight prior to undergoing surgery to have his eyes removed, if that is deemed necessary.

Little Old Harry is looking for a quiet home with no children and either no dogs, or dogs which are very calm, so won’t knock him over or play boisterously with him. He is very clean in his kennel and will bark when he needs to go out for the toilet.

Andrea explains: “Little Old Harry just needs a sofa with a throw, someone to cuddle him and to keep his eyes as pain free as possible, and to let him outside when he wants to – he might be up for a little stroll but ideally he will have his very own secure garden where he can totter about and sniff and enjoy the freedom and fresh air without traffic, kids or big bouncy dogs making his life difficult.

“He’s a real sweetheart and we would love to find him somewhere safe and cosy for as long as he needs it – at our expense.”

If you think you can offer Little Old Harry a permanent foster home and for further information about Finding Furever Homes please visit