Fitness challenge aims to transform life of Shropshire resident

A Telford personal trainer has devised an ultimate challenge which could help to dramatically transform the life of a Shropshire resident.

Stuart Henderson, owner of Ideal Fitness, has designed a 12 month fitness programme aimed at helping someone with ongoing health problems to improve their lifestyle.

The programme, which involves a combination of nutritional advice and exercise plans, could help shift as much as 10 stone in weight over the 12 month period, dramatically improving health.

Stuart said: “Using structured nutritional plans and coordinated exercise is by far the best approach to losing unwanted pounds and stones.

“I’ve never been an advocate of faddy diets or quick fix weight loss solutions. The only sensible and safe way to lose a significant amount of weight is by being dedicated, eating healthily and regular exercise.

“My heart broke a few months back at the news of Shrewsbury student Eloise Parry losing her life due to an accidental overdose of diet pills.

“As a result of this I think we are all far more aware of the dangers of weight loss pills and potions but it’s so sad that someone so young had to die to bring this to our attention.

“My latest challenge is ideal for anyone looking to significantly improve their health and lifestyle through significant weight loss.

“It provides a month by month structured approach and I believe it could really help change someone’s life for the better forever.

“A big part of the challenge will focus on building confidence and participants will have to compete in at least three public events throughout the year-long programme.”

Stuart, who set up Ideal Fitness six years ago and will move to a new studio in the Business Development Centre on Stafford park later this month, has made it his mission to try and improve the health and wellbeing of those living in Shropshire through sensible exercise and healthy nutrition.

He works with both private and corporate clients offering personal and semi-personal training sessions.

The company also provides corporate wellbeing and first aid courses.

To find out more about the challenge contact Stuart on 07944626241.