Firm's Timelapse Video Keeps Locals Clued Up

A local video production company is celebrating after working with Walsall Council to produce time-lapse footage showcasing a major development in the heart of the town centre.

The Council called upon Shropshire and Coventry-based 7video, a specialist video production company, to record the progress of its £7million plus investment in the redevelopment of part of the Old Square shopping centre, a project which saw the creation of a new two storey building for Primark and the refurbishment of existing space for the Co-op.

Councillor Adrian Andrew, Deputy Leader for Walsall Council, explained: “We were excited to use timelapse footage to show the local community what we were doing to bring Primark to the town. With the popular store being built from scratch, and the old building taken down, we thought that it would be visually interesting to see the development from start to finish.”

The Council acted as developer on the project, and placed its own investment in the large-scale project. It commissioned 7video to provide its time-lapse service and to offer regular video updates, so that the Council could share videos throughout the 14 month works.

“With the video hosted on our YouTube channel, we’ve received over 4,000 views since August, which is fantastic and shows just how successfully messages can be portrayed using video,” added Cllr Andrew.

Peter Sims, Managing Director of 7video, added: “We’re thrilled to have worked with Walsall Council and to showcase its big shopping development – it’s quite unusual for a local council to place its own funding into a project like this, so it was important to capture everything in an interesting video for the local community to see first-hand the scale of the project.” 

The video can be seen on