FEKM-UK launches 2022 Summer Course to teach self-defence technique and life-skills


For many people, July is about taking time to kick back and soak up the mid-summer sun. But if you’re someone who either doesn’t enjoy sunbathing or simply wants to use this time to stay fit, strong and focused, we have the perfect alternative for you: The FEKM-UK Summer Course.

This year’s weekend long Krav Maga course takes place on 15-18 July at the Shrewsbury School in Shropshire, as it makes its long-awaited return from the previous instalment in 2020. Participants will be given high-quality Krav Maga training from four world-class FEKM instructors. But what is FEKM-UK and what is Krav Maga?

FEKM-UK is the UK branch of the largest Krav Maga organisation in Europe. Krav Maga literally means “close combat” in Hebrew, and it was developed in the 1930s by Imi Lichtenfeld, the former Chief Instructor of Physical Fitness and Krav Maga for the Israeli Defence Forces. But as FEKM-UK President Simon Pither points out, it is far from ‘just another martial art’:

“Krav Maga is not really a martial art. It is focused on understanding how to apply the principles of self-defence to any confrontational situation and then speeding up those responses,” says Simon. 

What makes Krav Maga unique is that the teaching method and techniques that are learnt are directly applicable to real-life self-defence scenarios. It is arguably the most effective method for the rapid development of fast, simple, effective and controlled self-defence, the truth of which is supported by the fact that it is the system of choice of army, police and security forces around the world. 

You also don’t have to be physically fit to be able to take part. As Simon highlights, Krav Maga is fully accessible for anyone.

“The sessions are designed to be accessible for anyone - It doesn’t matter what your age, sex, weight or relative fitness is,” says Simon. 

There are numerous advantages of practicing Krav Maga, not least the health benefits of becoming fitter, stronger, more flexible and less stressed as a result. However, it also helps to improve physical and mental well-being and build those key levels of confidence that are necessary to deal with situations that you come across in everyday life.

Learning Krav Maga is particularly relevant today. In recent years there has been an increase in reports of both domestic and urban female and male assault, and knife crime is on the rise across the whole of the UK, not just big urban areas like London. Learning fast, simple and effective forms of self-defence could prove vital if you are faced with a potentially dangerous situation.

The four hours of training each day on the FEKM-UK Summer Course are run by the FEKM-UK Black Belt team: Yann Veillerant, Simon Pither, Petri Lahdemaki and Jamie Daniels. The sessions will cover a range of different aspects, such as technical training, core skill development, strength and fitness training, weapons training, breakout sessions and outdoor training.

The Summer Course offers the opportunity to work with elite Krav Maga instructors whose priority is the development, empowerment and enjoyment of the participants. It is a welcoming environment and one that is ideal not only to learn a crucial life skill, but also to meet new people and make strong friendships.

There is self-catered accommodation in individual rooms with en-suite bathroom in the centre of Shrewsbury, just 15-minutes’ walk from the training location.

The FEKM-UK Summer Course has earnt rave reviews, and Howard Williams told us that he was delighted with how his first experience of the course went. 

“The course was very intensive, but fun. The instructors were great and very thorough with the breakdown of skills. They were quick to correct faults in technique,” said Howard. 

“There was lots of good humoured banter after training, the BBQ was excellent and you couldn't beat those sausages!”

The 2022 FEKM-UK Summer Course runs from Friday 15th– Monday 18thJuly, so sign up for what promises to be a memorable and potentially life-changing weekend!

“Just come along, enjoy yourself and see what we do! I guarantee that you will walk away with a better understanding of how to defend yourself,” says Simon.