Feast Your Eyes On This - Our Coffee Morning with Macmillan

For the past few years we have been honoured to host Macmillan Cancer Trust in the world’s biggest coffee morning to help raise vital funds for their wonderful cause.

This September the 28th saw an even bigger selection of homemade cakes, attendees, and tastiness adorn our Forge Café tables than last year.

With each cake being brought in by a member of the Ironworks Centre staff, the range and quality of treats on display were definitely second to none!

From the beautifully classic Victoria Sponge to a chocolate cake topped with an assortment of goodies, to an amazing towering Croquembouche, the selection featured a wonderful combination of the exceptionally dramatic and the delicious.

In true Bake Off style, the earliest round of cake-feasting guests included various members of participating staff assisted by Macmillan Partnership Manager, Tudor Humphreys, and Tracy Knowles to judge the offerings.

This involved each cake being judged and tested on taste, creativity and presentation – with a focus on weeding out those pesky gooey centres and soggy bottoms!

Following a rigorous and exhausting (but delicious) morning of cake eating, the scores were in – a tie between Kerry Owen and Lindsay Steele!

These tasty offerings remained on display all morning in hopes of tempting our visitors to donate and grab a slice, or two. With so many lovely bakes on display, temptation was definitely not a hard task, with loads of visitors taking a minute to enjoy their Friday morning with a healthy helping of sugary goodness!

Each and every penny raised will be donated to Macmillan to assist in the continuation of their amazing work.

We’d like to thank everyone involved in the coffee morning, especially those who took a moment to donate and enjoy a slice of cake or a cup of coffee. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will help Macmillan greatly in their efforts to support cancer patients and survivors.

Stay tuned for details about how much we managed to raise!