Family-run business supports new mums by helping to raise awareness of pre and postnatal depression


A family-run business in Shrewsbury is helping to support pregnant women and new mums by raising awareness of pre and post natal depression.

Purition, based at The Shropshire Food Enterprise Centre, is one of a number of businesses supporting the first ever PND Awareness Week in the UK (5-11th September).

The company, which produces wholefood protein smoothies and is owned by husband and wife Edward and Louise Taylor, has teamed up with Shropshire based charity PANDAS to generate more awareness of perinatal illnesses and help signpost people to the help they may need.

Louise said: “I’ve had three children of my own and I know how difficult things can be as a new mum.

“You’re first and foremost priority is looking after your newborn and it’s easy sometimes to forget about yourself and your own needs.

“I know from my own experiences and those of friends that finding the time and making the effort to eat properly can sometimes be a struggle whilst you are juggling the demands of a newborn.

“But getting the right nutrition to fuel your body is essential to maintain the high energy levels required as a new mum and even more important if you’re experiencing postnatal depression.

“That’s why we are really proud to be supporting PANDAS and its first ever PND Awareness Week.

“Through a series of blogs and social media activity this week we have been highlighting to new mums the importance of a healthy diet and nutrition in early motherhood.”

It’s thought that 1 in 10 women will suffer from some form of perinatal illness as a new parent and regularly fuelling your body with the right foods can be one of the best and easiest steps to aid recovery, added Louise.

She said: “Making sure you eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, essential fats and protein will prevent dips in blood sugar levels and therefore help to prevent the feelings of depression and anxiety getting worse.

“Ditching processed foods and those high in sugar and replacing them with natural foods like vegetables, nuts and seeds can also really help.”

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