Family friendly puppet show comes to The Hive

Arts Alive is bringing The Hug, a family-friendly puppet show about two animals in search of a restorative hug, to The Hive on Thursday, April 6.

This charming tale follows a hedgehog and a tortoise both looking for the right someone to give them a much-needed hug. They face many rejections along the way from a rather grumpy badger, a squirrel (who knows a lot about nuts), a shy frog, a fabulous fox, and an owl who wants to be wise.

It’s a journey full of fun, laughter and love… and at the end, a very special hug from the puppets.

Based on, ‘The Hug’ by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar, and set to Tom Gray’s beautiful and witty music, The Hug is a tale of hope, empathy and acceptance and a heart-warming story love by children and adults alike.

Long Nose Puppets, the production team behind The Hug have produced four much-loved and critically acclaimed puppet shows for children since their launch in 2006. Ideal for ages 2-8, this would be a fun and local way to introduce your toddler or child to live theatre.

Tickets are available at