Export figures restore confidence for Shropshire firms

A Telford-based shipping company has welcomed new figures which show UK export figures have hit a record-breaking high.

Total exports grew at a rate of three per cent in the 2018/19 financial year to a high of £639.9billion, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

It means British exports have now grown consecutively for the past 36 months despite a shaky political backdrop and uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Anton Gunter, managing director of Global Freight Services in Halesfield, welcomed the figures and said it was good news for Shropshire businesses looking to start exporting good and services or wanting to grow their export markets.

He said: “Businesses have been facing a lot of uncertainty over recent months with Brexit but this is hugely positive and should give companies the confidence they need to push ahead with export plans.

“We have continued to support businesses by providing advice to our customers helping them to prepare for Brexit or explore new markets and of course working with them to choose the best logistics option for their requirements.

“In the current political climate it’s understandable that some businesses may be holding off from developing new export strategies but these figures demonstrate now is as good a time as any, particularly those in the services industry.”

ONS figures show that in the services sector exports increased by 1.4 per cent to £283.8bn in 2018/19.

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