Electric cars: West Midlanders are the most switched on of UK drivers

A survey of UK adults has revealed that drivers in the West Midlands are most likely to consider electric when they’re next in the market for a car. 53.4% of drivers in the region said they would either buy or lease an electric car next.

This figure compares to just 29% of drivers in Yorkshire and the Humber who are planning to make the switch. If the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars is enforced as early as 2032, this poses a serious problem for drivers and the industry.

The study, commissioned by car leasing comparison site Moneyshake, also highlights the trepidation towards EVs among older drivers. When asked if they’d choose an electric car as their next vehicle, 77% of over 55s across the whole of the UK said ‘no’. However, 62% of under 35s said they would consider one.

Despite government grants, one of the major factors in preventing a greater uptake of EVs is price; electric cars are still twice as expensive as other cars to buy outright.

Eben Lovatt, CEO of Moneyshake, said “Since the government announced the future ban on new petrol, diesel and hybrid models we’ve seen a 20% increase in enquiries on EVs. So drivers across the UK are becoming more aware and are looking for the best deals out there.

“Despite this, our research also shows that many drivers remain unsure about EVs and this is preventing more people from considering the switch. Whether that’s because of a perceived lack of range, or a lack of choice in the market, there are still inaccuracies in how people view these cars.”

Lovatt added “EV technology is developing at a rapid pace. Leasing an electric car is the most cost-effective way of reducing carbon emissions, with the option to then exchange the car for a newer model, if you want to, when the lease ends.”

The government has set its net zero carbon emission target for 2050.