Elderly Rescue Dog Seeks Seek Loving Home After Being Used As a Breeding Machine Then Left Wandering The Streets

AN ELDERLY dog who was used as a breeding machine prior to being abandoned is looking for a loving retirement home of her own, where she is the one being looked after.

Skye, who is a brindle coloured crossbreed, was rescued from the North East after she was picked up by a dog warden in Newcastle after being found stray. And now charity Finding Furever Homes is on a mission to find her the home she deserves.

The female dog, who is around 9-years-old, was in poor condition when she was found and appears to have been used repeatedly to breed puppies from. Since she was never claimed back from the dog warden, it is highly likely she was deliberately abandoned by whoever was responsible for her once she was no longer needed or useful to them.

Andrea Newton, of Finding Furever Homes, which cares for Skye in partnership with a kennels, near Condover, Shropshire, where the dog is currently living, said: “Judging from the condition of her body and her teets it is clear Skye has been bred from over and over and although we can only guess at the number of puppies she has given birth to and cared for over the years – it is clear she has been used as a breeding machine.”

Andrea says finding anyone to take on an older dog can be a challenge. But given the tough life that Skye has had so far, it is vital to find her a very specific home where she can finally be the one that is getting looked after.

Andrea said: “Skye could easily have been responsible for giving birth to and raising in excess of 100 puppies in the last nine years of her life and so it is time for her to get the one-to-one attention she needs in her retirement.

“The life she has led means that Skye has spent her whole life even having stud dogs forced upon her or demanding puppies crawling all over her. Now she is in her twilight years, she is understandably wary of other dogs and simply wants to be left alone by other animals and enjoy human company instead, as she is a very sweet calm dog who loves a cuddle.”

Skye suffers from separation anxiety, so she is looking for a home with someone who will be at home most of the day and who does not have other dogs or cats. She does not need a huge amount of exercise so may be suited to an older person who is happy to take her for a couple of gentle walks every day.

Skye is currently being cared for at a private boarding kennels so she will be rehomed through Finding Furever Homes which sponsors her place there.

Andrea added: “Skye is currently in Shropshire but could be rehomed anywhere in England and Wales – the most important thing is finding her a peaceful, loving home where she will be the one getting cared for, for a change.”

For further information about Finding Furever Homes and to offer Skye a home please visit http://www.findingfureverhomes.org.uk or call tel 07455 019057.