Dog Rescue Charity Celebrates Second Anniversary By Expanding From Shropshire Into Yorkshire

A UNIQUE DOG Rescue charity that started as a conversation between strangers on Twitter is celebrating its second anniversary by expanding to offer dedicated help to dogs in Yorkshire.

Finding Furever Homes, which started in 2013 and was first registered as charity on 10 January 2014, has already helped rehome 329 dogs and donate £50,000 to help cover the vet and food bills of canines being cared for in other rescue charities across England and Wales.

Unlike many dog rescues, Finding Furever Homes never set out to compete with existing charities or build dog rescue facilities of its own, but rather to take a pragmatic approach and support smaller dog rescues which already exist throughout England and Wales.

The charity’s founder, Andrea Newton, explains: “Most people know about the larger dog rescue charities and automatically think of them when they want to adopt or help dogs. But sadly, many small rescue centres go unnoticed and receive very little support or funding, whether that is hands-on volunteering, dog walking, home checks, transportation or most importantly, helping them to rehome dogs in need. That is where Finding Furever Homes comes in.

“We exist not only to offer financial and practical support, but also emotional support as some of these rescues are run by amazing dedicated people who are literally doing it all themselves and that is incredibly tough.”

As well as offering support to a number of dog rescues across England and Wales, Finding Furever Homes also has an ongoing working relationship with two dog rescues, one in Condover, Shropshire and the other in Liverpool.

Now as the charity, which is run entirely by volunteers, reaches the second anniversary of being registered, it is expanding to offer help and financial support to dogs in Rotherham, Yorkshire.

Andrea, who lives in Chorley, Lancashire, said: “It has been a very busy year for Finding Furever Homes and now we are going to be busier still as we have agreed to help with promoting the rehoming of a handful of dogs in a small rescue in Rotherham as well as sponsoring the costs of one of their long stay dogs called Ruby.

“We are supporting Ruby as she has been there for six months already with no offer of a home and our support means we will cover all her costs, kennelling and vet’s fees until she can find a permanent loving home of her own.”

In addition to supporting dogs in rescues in Liverpool, Shropshire and now Rotherham the charity also supports dogs it has placed in private foster homes in Bristol, Derby, Manchester, Birkenhead and Liverpool.

For further information about Finding Furever Homes and details of dogs looking for new homes, including Ruby, please visit

Finding Furever Homes is a registered charity operating in England and Wales. It started after Andrea set up a Twitter account to help tweet to support dogs in rescues that are looking for homes. Through the Twitter feed Andrea got talking to other dog lovers in England and Wales, and along with her other trustees they started the charity.