Dog charity in fundraising drive to pay for puppies heart operation

A SHROPSHIRE canine charity is desperate to raise £4,000 to pay for life-changing operations to help a puppy called Louis and his brother who were rescued from a home where they were subject to neglect.

Finding Furever Homes is a volunteer-run charity that helps to rescue and rehome dogs throughout England and Wales. As a charitable trust, they provide funding to sponsor kennels and foster homes, and often part or fully subsidise veterinary care and specialist diets for dogs in a poor condition.

Louis was rescued as part of a cruelty case from a home with 14 dogs and no garden in West Mercia and taken in by one dog rescue. But his brother Logan was also rescued at the same time, along with their younger sister Molly, and they were taken in by Finding Furever Homes and cared for at kennels they use in Condover, Shropshire.

But a week later FFH found out the other rescue that  had taken on Louis were going to have him put to sleep as he had been declared "unlikely to pass their medical assessment so should be euthanised.

FFH founder and trustee, Andrea Newton, said: “The vet nurse was crying when she rang -  she was saying he is only a baby, at most a year old, and the most loving, sweet natured and gentle boy, but he was about to be put to sleep by his "rescue" as he has a medical condition - could we help?”

FFH agreed to take the Staffie cross pup on from the other charity discovering during his vet check that he had a potentially serious heart condition. Thankfully, however, there is an operation available which will enable him to lead a good quality and full life, but will cost £3,000.

The puppy, who has subsequently been called Louis, is now being cared for in kennels where is awaiting surgery once the funds have been raised. He was named Louis in honour of Lulu, another dog rescued by the charity.

But there was more bad news to come, as when Louis’s brother Logan went to be vet checked it was discovered he has undescended testicles, quite high up in his groin, which, if left, could become cancerous. The condition can be corrected, but will again require quite significant surgery – at a cost of around £1,000.

Andrea said: “Our two little boys are both in need of the public’s help. We need to raise around £4,000 to cover both surgeries and we are currently waiting to hear back from the heart specialist to see how soon and exactly what Louis' operation will involve and whether we need to do it sooner or later - but we need to raise the money as soon as we can.”

Given the nature of the surgery FFH is also appealing for two foster homes where the dogs can go to recover after their operations and before they are ready for permanent home. These homes would need to be with experienced dog owners who live close to the kennels and the vets who will be looking after their care in Shropshire.

To donate:

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