DM Recruitment offer services at cost price to support local business

As businesses across the nation face unprecedented challenges, a recruitment firm with branches in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire, and Powys has adapted its business model to give support to local businesses. DM Recruitment are offering their services at cost price to new and existing clients to aid recruitment of temporary workers to curtail staff shortages, which in turn will help the local economy.

Director, Stuart Danks, comments, “At this uncertain time it would be easy to panic, but here at DM Recruitment we are focussing on staying positive and coming up with initiatives that will keep business in this area going.  There are many employers in the food, travel and waste sectors who are under pressure with increased demand for their services. Those same businesses are facing staff sicknesses and absences as many workers have no choice but to self isolate. We can provide temporary workers on short-term contracts that can fulfil those positions and keep production going.

“Employers are then able to cover their full time workers sick leave or any general uplift in demand with casual staff and we can cover all of the HR work, saving them time and money - at a time when that could make all the difference to a business’ survival. My hope is that this will save businesses a lot of money as the Government has stated they will be covering sick leave.

“By offering our service at cost price we ensure the local businesses in our community are not paying anything more than they would if they were hiring workers themselves. Of course this comes at the sacrifice of any profit to us, but we completely appreciate that our business wouldn’t exist without the strong and diverse range of industry in this area, so if we can do our bit to offer support, those businesses will be in a stronger position to keep going, which will protect their workforce’s jobs and support the local economy.

“We always strive to do things differently, to think in terms of our community and the bigger picture. I think adaptability and positivity are two very important traits we need to adopt at this time.”