Crossbar seal kit deal with Shropshire bottled water company

An ambitious Shropshire company which delivers sport across the curriculum to thousands of county youngsters each year has a smart new look - thanks to Wenlock Spring, the successful Shropshire bottled water firm.

Crossbar Coaching Education in Sport's staff have been kitted out courtesy of a sponsorship deal with Wenlock Spring, long-term supporters of the Shrewsbury-based sports coaching company.

Crossbar work closely with a host of county schools, also organising school competitions, while they are are renowned for running popular holiday courses, football academies - held in association with the Shropshire Schools and Colleges FA - and will also shortly launch their first two-year full time educational programme for school leavers in the county.

Now into its seventh year, Crossbar employ a team of more than 20 coaches and apprentices around the county, led by Director Gavin Cowan, a former professional footballer for Shrewsbury Town.

He said he was delighted to have the support of Wenlock Spring and is thrilled with the appearance of the sportswear in which the Crossbar coaches carry out their daily duties.

"We're very thankful to be in partnership with Wenlock Spring," he added. "They're a fantastic company and for them to believe in us so much and to provide us with the support they do gives us that drive to go on and achieve more.

"Wenlock Spring has provided us with bottled water to take to our academies and holiday courses for a couple of years now. It enables us to educate the children in how important it is to stay hydrated, and the link between sport and water is huge.

"We look forward to having an extended partnership with them for years to come and we're delighted to have the Wenlock Spring name on our kit.

"We are obviously very child centred in what we do and the levels Wenlock Spring have gone to in helping us to achieve our goals in really trying to make a difference to children through sport is appreciated."

Bruce Orme, Managing Director of Wenlock Spring, said he was delighted to support Crossbar.

He added: "We are passionate advocates of healthy hydration, particularly in young children. That is why we are delighted to sponsor Crossbar Coaching Education in Sport.

"Water and sport go hand in hand. Through sport, they are educating young people from an early age about the importance of keeping fit and staying healthy - and this helps us to reinforce the message that water has a vital role to play too."

Wenlock Spring is a second generation family business based at Wolverton, near Church Stretton. They source their award winning water from a protected historic spring, which has been in constant use since 1086.

Wenlock Spring also supplies its child friendly 250ml sports cap to Crossbar.

Pictured: Bruce Orme, centre, the Managing Director of Wenlock Spring, with Crossbar Coaching Education in Sport's, from left, Kevin Sandwith, Director Gavin Cowan, Phil Trainer and Jamie Haynes.