Crossbar’s Alternative Provision programme continues to be enhanced by the support of Budgen Motors

A Shropshire company which delivers alternative education programmes has teamed up with a county car dealership to enhance what it can offer learners.

The Crossbar Group’s Crossbar Alternative Provision (CAP) provides bespoke educational opportunities for vulnerable children and young adults from primary and secondary school ages, and post 16 up to the age of 25, in need of a different environment and approach to education.

Budgen Motors has formed a partnership with The Crossbar Group to help drive CAP forward after being impressed with the range of programmes.

Offering an innovative approach to education, CAP is designed to help young people displaying a wide range of complex barriers to education.

The CAP programme is based at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, Pimley Barns in Shrewsbury, and Stuart’s Stable, set within four acres of Shropshire woodland. 

Budgen Motors have supplied vehicles to the Crossbar team to transport learners from Shrewsbury and Telford to Lilleshall.

They have also donated a car and provided a car port to assist CAP's occupational studies programme.

Now the company has covered 50 per cent of the cost of 30 laptops to be used by learners.

Jamie Haynes, director of The Crossbar Group, said: “We have a great community partnership with Budgen Motors and it’s helping to offer opportunities to improve the education of children and vulnerable adults.   

“CAP is a stepping stone that can help learners return to a mainstream college, or progress to an apprenticeship or employment. 

“Budgen Motors sourced and supplied our vehicles, and now they have helped us purchase 30 laptops for learners to use. 

“It means our post-16 learners will be able to access an online portal to help them with their English and Maths. 

“It will give us much more flexibility, make learning more accessible for a lot of our students and allow us to push the programme on to another level.”

He added: “With Budgen Motors kindly providing a car port and donating a car that's part of our occupational studies programme, it gives learners the chance to do basic motor vehicle tasks.

“They also provide work experience opportunities for some of our students, so we are grateful for their continued support.”   

Danny Minshall, sales director of Budgen Motors, which has showrooms in Shrewsbury and Telford, said: "We are pleased to support the alternative provision programme.

“If there’s someone struggling academically, The Crossbar Group can offer alternative provision where learners can maybe learn the basics of mechanics.

“We would then love to be the employer at the end of the line for someone that may have come from potentially a difficult background and has gone through Crossbar's alternative provision."

Pictured: Danny Minshall, left, sales director at Budgen Motors, and Jamie Haynes, director of The Crossbar Group, with two of the laptops learners on Crossbar’s Alternative Provision programme will be able to use.