Couple mark special anniversary of when they first met at college 45 years ago

Nearly half a century ago, a couple met while studying together at Shrewsbury College and now they return to the campus café on the same date every year to celebrate their romance.

Kevin and Elaine Nester (nee Hill) both attended Shrewsbury College 45 years ago where they studied A Levels. On 14 September, 1972, in their first Sociology class together, it was love at first sight.

Kevin Nester said: “I saw Elaine and I was totally bowled over. She was gorgeous and is still just as beautiful today. She was handing out brochures and I thought I would never stand a chance with such a gorgeous girl – she was really out of my league. Later that day when I was looking for my allocated locker Elaine spoke to me for the first time about lockers - I was far too shy to have spoken to her.

“From then on we started talking. A few days went past and Elaine mentioned to me that she wanted to go and see a horror film at the cinema in Shrewsbury but her friend wouldn’t go with her- this was my chance and I jumped at the opportunity to take her.”

After completing their time at the College, now part of Shrewsbury Colleges Group, the romance blossomed and four years later they were happily married. Mr and Mrs Nester went on to work together for 25 years, running their successful Shropshire company, Alpha Design and Marketing. They have a son together, three adored grandsons and have gone back to studying Sociology again to see how the subject has changed over the years.

Elaine commented: “We loved our time at the College and really enjoy coming back every year to celebrate. It is amazing how much the building has changed and how the College has developed to enhance students’ experiences. Going to the College enabled us both to become more self-motivated after being in a school environment. It gave us confidence as we met other students from diverse backgrounds. We felt ready to enter work at the end of our studies.

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