County volunteer driver appeal ...

A father and son from Telford are calling for others to join with them in helping to provide an essential volunteer service within the county.

Dave Williams, aged 70, of Randlay Fields, and his son Paul Williams, aged 48, from Malinslee, are both part time drivers who transport patients to and from non-emergency medical appointments throughout Shropshire and sometimes beyond.

Retired shopkeeper Dave previously ran a convenience store at Malinslee together with Paul for many years, but both are now on the volunteer books of specialist ambulance company Falck, based at Atcham, near Shrewsbury, which provides transport for routine healthcare appointments on behalf of the NHS.

Dave, commented: “Volunteer driving is a very rewarding experience and we have made some really wonderful friends over the years as so many people rely on us to transport them to and from their kappointments.

“We choose the hours that we work and our costs are fully covered. It is always good to chat to people and perhaps take their minds off where they may be going, so we have complete job satisfaction in what we do and I can fully recommend this scheme to anybody.”

Claire Ward from Falck added: “Being from the local area, volunteers are a crucial piece in the puzzle when bridging the gap between the service we deliver and the communities in which we serve.

“Our volunteer drivers are fully trained in first aid and safeguarding, thereby giving people reassurance during what can be stressful times in their lives, whether that is helping patients to appointments or taking them home after a stay in hospital, so it really is an incredibly rewarding experience.

“The volunteer scheme appeals to many, from those who are recently retired, to stay at home parents volunteering during school hours or university students wishing to offer something back to the community outside of term-time, as total flexibility of hours enables people to work around existing schedules.

“The flexible shifts means volunteers can work as little or as much as is convenient to ensure a positive work/life balance.”

Further information on volunteer drivers and full time Ambulance Care Assistant roles can be found at 020 7510 4275 or website

PICTURED:  Volunteer drivers Paul Williams and Dave Williams with Claire Ward of Falck, at Atcham, Shrewsbury.