Construction firms urged to embrace digital revolution

Shropshire construction companies are being urged to embrace the digital revolution and put themselves ahead of the game to win lucrative government contracts.

The advice comes from county businesswoman Anita Bickerdike who fears some companies within the industry may be reluctant to use new technologies in particular Business Information Modelling or BIM.

She said: “Next year it will become compulsory for government projects to be developed using BIM.

“This is essentially a digital model which brings together all the information about every component of a building in one place.

“It is the biggest revolution to affect the construction industry and has been highlighted as a ‘game changer’ for the sector.

“The idea of the central modelling system is to improve efficiencies and minimise wastage and whilst some organisations and businesses are implementing and investing in it; others seem reluctant to do so, preferring to wait on the sidelines to see what will happen.

“This is understandable because embracing such a technological leap in what is a traditional industry will require investment in cultural change and people development to ensure improved communications.

“However to stay ahead of the game and stand a chance of winning multi million pound government building contracts, Shropshire companies need to be planning ahead for these changes.

“It will also require new skills and training so it’s important for organisations to react sooner rather than later.

“In return using such technology will bring huge advantages for businesses in terms of fewer errors, reduced costs and massive time savings in terms of getting a building out of the ground.”

Anita, who owns Shrewsbury-based company Positive Intention, works directly with the construction industry to help manage industry changes and developments.

She said: “The construction industry in the UK is heavily influenced by government related projects to renew and expand infrastructure so it’s essential Shropshire companies recognise the importance of embracing this new way of working and put themselves in a strong position to compete for tenders.”

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