Conference on fuel poverty ...

County conference on fuel poverty…

A conference on the impact of fuel poverty on health and well-being was held at Craven Arms Community Centre, organised by Shropshire RCC, a charity helping mitigate the effects of rural isolation and rural poverty across the county.

Tea, coffee and cake was provided throughout the morning with opportunities for networking for the various representatives and interested parties.

Guest speakers were Ludlow MP Philip Dunne, Tracy Jackson of Save the Children, Paul Sutton of Connexus Housing, Hugh Strickland of Shropshire RCC, Mervyn Kohler of Age UK, Peter Sumby of the fuel poverty charity NEA and Clive Leworthy of Shropshire RCC.

Welcoming both fellow speakers and delegates to the event, Shropshire RCC chairman Hugh Strickland said: “We are delighted to bring together so many highly qualified experts in the field to discuss a topic which effects one in five of rural households.

“Guest speakers will cover the national and local perspective, looking at issues surrounding fuel poverty and how the problem can be addressed by local groups, national charities and the Government.”

Following the conference, Ludlow MP Philip Dunne, added: “This was a well organised event with an excellent turnout of interested folk from across the region, representing groups who will benefit from the measures both local and national which were openly discussed.”

Pictured are guest speakers, from left, Mervyn Kohler, Hugh Strickland, Paul Sutton, Clive Leworthy and Tracy Jackson.