College Students Take Advantage of Subsidised Travel

The rural aspect of Shropshire can present challenges for young people having easy access to the best educational and careers development opportunities.

Shrewsbury College recognised this issue some years ago and for the past three years has been developing an intricate set of subsidised transport opportunities for many students, with some being eligible for 100% transport bursaries.

“Although there are colleges closer to home, Shrewsbury College is the only one that does the specific combined course I wanted to do,” says Sammie Rogers, 16, from Welshpool. “Without the financial help from the college - which pays for my travel - I definitely wouldn’t be able to study at the college of my choice.”

Chloe Thomas, Level 3 Health and Social Care student, 18, from Telford added: “Because of its reputation and new facilities, I decided to enrol on the Health and Social Care course at Shrewsbury College - even though it isn’t the closest option for me.  Travel was never an issue - the ease of using the college bus definitely helped.”

Assistant Principal Curriculum and Operations, Catherine Armstrong said: “The College has seen substantial take-up of its subsidised bus services over the past three years with a 20% - 30% growth on all of its routes which cover the Welshpool, Telford, Whitchurch and Ludlow areas.  It is critical to our College ethos that we do not allow the rural nature of our area to stop any prospective students[BC1]  from fulfilling their academic and career potential.”

Photos: Sammie Rogers and Chloe Thomas