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Robotic touchless car wash for Shrewsbury …

A Shropshire entrepreneur who set up his car cleaning business in Shrewsbury nearly 15 years ago has expanded steadily year on year and now employs a team of people at its site on Lancaster Road, looking after vehicle fleets for several local car dealerships.

Arian Ivic, of Shrewsbury, has now made a major investment due to high demand and is expanding with further purpose-built premises on Battlefield Road, situated on the outskirts of the county town, introducing the first car wash system of its kind to the UK.

The futuristic touchless car wash centre called Wash-Now, features an American designed fully automated unit that will enable the public & trade to simply turn up, pay by machine and get their vehicles washed and dried in less than 5 minutes. 

Arian, said: “We have experienced an increase in demand for our services, so we needed to be creative and automate the exterior cleaning process to keep up with the volume of customers. This is where I researched the best touchless car wash by visiting trade shows in the USA and came across Petit Auto Wash, an American company that has specialised in the design & manufacture of touchless car wash equipment since the 1980s. 

“The Accutrac Touchless System features no rolling brushes, but unique oscillating high-pressure water jets, warm soaps, hot waxes, purified water, an underbody wash and cleans the vehicle from top to bottom very efficiently, saving time and energy as well as being far more environmentally friendly, as over 90% of the water used is processed and recycled on site. 

“We are now authorised UK Service Providers for Petit Auto Wash, which will not only provide a greater opportunity for us to meet the needs of our current customers, but also, enable us to expand further and create more employment opportunities within our installation teams.”

Wash-Now is holding an official opening launch day on Wednesday 1st Feb and is inviting customers to come along and view the new facilities and have their cars washed for free, asking only that they make a small donation to the Midlands Air Ambulance charity, who will be supporting the event.”

Further details of the new Touchless Car Wash facility can be found at

Pictured: Team member Mario Maniga and Arian Ivic (RIGHT) at Wash-Now, in Shrewsbury.