Charity goes “loopy” over flower show

Local charity Signal is working with the organisers of the Shrewsbury Flower Show to help people with hearing loss enjoy the show’s popular lectures and demonstrations to the full.

Signal has joined with the Shropshire Horticultural Society to provide hearing loops in the Lecture Marquee and a section of the Foodhall at this year’s show on 12-13 August. A loop system can channel sound directly to a person’s hearing aid and dampen background noise.

With its horticultural sights and scents and artisan food stands, the Shrewsbury Flower Show is a feast for the senses. The hearing loops will help visitors who wear hearing aids capture the live presentations by the show’s celebrity and local gardening experts and chefs too.

The annual show in the Quarry Park attracts thousands of visitors from across the UK, where one in six of us has some form of hearing loss. In Shropshire this figure is as high as one in five because of the county’s older population.

Signal’s Chief Executive Mathew Gilbert said:

“We are delighted to become part of this much loved show, helping make sure that enthusiasts who are hard of hearing do not miss out on the full range of activities.

“This new collaboration follows the charity’s partnership with the celebrated Shrewsbury Folk Festival last year, helping hearing aid wearers fully participate in the festival’s workshops.

“This year we are looking forward to taking part in both the town’s floral and its folk extravaganza and promoting inclusive entertainment locally and beyond.”

Signal is the Shrewsbury-based charity working to build deaf friendly communities at home in and around Shropshire and overseas in Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia.