Celebrate the Sunday Roast at Hawkstone Park Hotel

The Sunday Roast has been a much-loved British tradition for hundreds of years. A surge in meat consumption was inspired by William Kitchiner, who in 1871 proclaimed we should all eat 3kg of meat every week, along with a daily pint of beer! Sunday became the day of the roast at the end of the 19th Century. Less well-off families who didn’t have big fireplaces would drop off meat to the local bakery on the way to church, leaving it to be cooked in the cooling ovens, as no bread was baked on Sundays – and so the Sunday Roast was solidified in British culture.

The history-steeped Hawkstone Park Hotel are celebrating the Sunday Roast with a new offer. Customers are treated to a free dessert when they buy a starter and main course at the restaurant. For those who can’t decide between the topside of beef with Yorkshire pudding or the roast loin of pork with sage and onion stuffing, can opt for the mixture of both with all the trimmings!

Their Sunday lunch is offered all year round in the brand new 1792 Bar & Grill, with the glass fronted restaurant offering views across the hotel garden.

Pre-booking is required, contact the restaurant on 01948 841 700 to book a table.