Care expert in Shropshire introduces paper-work free working

A care expert in Shropshire is pioneering a new way of working - which sees a dream of his become a reality - as carers begin to use a mobile phone app to log care.

Steve Harris, managing director of Carewatch (Mid Shropshire), dreamt up the idea of an app to reduce paperwork for his 50 employees a few years ago.

Since the start of this month (June) his staff have been trained in how to use the new app, it will now be rolled out across his Stafford Park-based company.

Mr Harris said: “I put a lot of time and effort into developing an app - although I never pushed ahead with my version, I am delighted that we are now able to provide this service for our staff which will hopefully make their working day easier, productivity increase and the customer experience will improve.”
The app has been developed by technology firm Mobizo. It is available on iOS or Android phones as well as computers.

Mr Harris, of Whitchurch, is one of the first care managers in the UK to adopt the latest technology and use it for all his customers across Shropshire and Staffordshire.

Many other firms are expected to follow suit, including Carewatch franchisees across the UK.

Mr Harris said: “This really is a revolution in health care.

“I came up with the idea to combat the problems I witnesses in my own business. I had a great reaction when I piloted an app but my commitment is to our customers and I decided to focus on that.

“Although this isn’t the version I dreamt up, it is an exciting development and will lead to a new way of thinking in the industry.

“We are expecting to save £3,000 per nurse or care worker and a typical productivity savings for field staff of 10 to 20per cent.

“We have recently branched out into Shrewsbury and we are so pleased to be one of the driving forces behind this technology in our industry.”
The app aims to remove inefficient paper processes, provide real-time visibility and ensure staff in the field are compliant.

Care plans, logs, assessments and any other forms used by Carewatch (Mid Shropshire) will be digitalised and staff can also work offline, in case the connection in rural areas is weak.

Abhishek Agrawal, managing director of Mobizio, said their company is delighted to be working with Mr Harris.
He said: “Providers in the health and social care sector have to adopt new ways of working to meet the challenges of the difficult commissioning environment with understandably high service quality expectations.
“Mobizio helps care providers meet these challenges by enabling care providers to deliver a more transparent, productive and higher quality service.
“We are delighted that Steve Harris selected Mobizio and I look forward to working in partnership with such an innovative organisation as Carewatch (Mid Shropshire).”