Care company in Shropshire teams up with Grief Recovery Specialist

A Shropshire care company is teaming up with a Grief Recovery Specialist to offer a special service to its customers.

Sentinel Care Services, based at Stafford Park in Telford, has announced the move and says it will be including details of the services provided by Phyl Edmonds in welcome packs for its new customers and their loved ones.

Grief Recovery Specialist Phyl runs Severn Intervention Services in Wellington, providing the help and support needed for people recovering from loss.

After losing her husband to suicide in 2010, Phyl completed the Grief Recovery Method and found it so helpful she trained as a Grief Recovery Specialist to help others experiencing loss.

Since then she has helped countless people and Sentinel Care Services said she was the ideal partner to take on board to launch the new service to its customers and loved ones.

Director Steve Harris said: “We are delighted to be forming this vital partnership with Phyl. We identified the need for someone of her experience and know-how and are very pleased she has made her talents available to us.

“Our support workers at Sentinel are very often the first point of contact when a customer loses a loved one or a pet.

“As Phyl is a trained Grief Recovery Specialist, Sentinel will be able to refer the customer to her for support.

“Phyl is also a trained pet loss specialist and as many of our customers are elderly they have only their pet for company.

“The loss of that pet can have a huge impact on their life and Phyl can help them through that as well.

“Offering a range of services to the customer means they have somewhere to go for help in all eventualities.

“Many do not have a family or friends around them and rely on our support workers to provide that information, help and advice as they are the ones who see them on a regular basis.”

Phyl will also be delivering training to Sentinel staff to help them to support their customers and loved ones at times of loss and grief.

Phyl said the level of contact she had received from people who needed her help only went to highlight the need for Grief Recovery Specialists.

“The workload keeps growing, I’m speaking at more and more events and each time getting a great reaction,” she said.

“I am very pleased to be linking with Sentinel and being able to offer my services to their customers and staff.”

Earlier this year Phyl was an inspirational speaker at the Good Mental Health Works conference in Telford - receiving a rapturous ovation.

After that event Phyl and Carole Henderson, Grief Recovery UK Director, were inundated with requests for information and training.