Can you help Shropshire Wildlife Trust to raise £60,000 to protect local iconic species?

As part of the 60th Anniversary celebrations, Shropshire Wildlife Trust is calling for residents and organisations to support its new appeal to raise vital funds to continue wildlife conservation in the county.

Shropshire’s beautiful countryside is home to some incredible species, but behind the scenery there is another story, wildlife is in crisis.

Lapwing are declining and threatened with extinction. Wildflower meadows have been lost so common spotted orchids and small pearl-bordered fritillary butterflies are rarer than ever. River wildlife has been destroyed limiting habitats for otters. New developments are threatening ponds that house great crested newts. Native woodland and hedgerows have been removed putting dormice at risk.

However, it is not too late. Vital conservation work can ensure these six species, and many others, are still here for generations to come. Shropshire Wildlife Trust works with three strategic goals to achieve this, but needs your help to make it happen:

  • To put nature in recovery with abundant and diverse wildlife across 30% of land
  • To ensure at least 1 in 4 people are taking meaningful action for nature and the climate
  • To allow nature to play a central role in addressing local climate problems (known as nature-based solutions)

Helen O’Connor, Head of Development at the Trust, says "Our wildlife is facing significant pressure, with many species in decline or at risk of extinction, but everyone can help get nature in recovery. For our 60th Anniversary, we are asking you to support our conservation work so that the iconic species which call Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin home, can survive and thrive for the next 60 years."

Could you help support crucial habitat management to protect Shropshire’s stunning species? To donate, visit

And if you haven’t already seen the Shropshire Wildlife Trust themed window display in Tanners Wine Merchants on Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, go and look, and also scan the QR Code in the window to donate directly to the appeal.

More information about ‘Shropshire Wildlife Trust at 60’ can be found here: