The bucket to save you spade loads of work!

There’s no need to get into a barney if your rubble’s a mess – just call on Shropshire firm JTC Concrete Crushing to sort it out.

Thanks to a new piece of hi-tech equipment, the firm can sift soil out of all sorts of rubble – saving you money in the process.

Neil Carter from JTC Concrete Crushing believes his new screening bucket is the only one of its kind available in the country.

The firm, based in Shrewsbury, provides concrete recycling services to firms and individuals across Shropshire, Mid Wales, the Midlands and Staffordshire.

The REMU EL2085 Screening Bucket separates soil from a pile of rubble. It means you end up with clean rubble ready for crushing which gives a top class recycled aggregate to re-use on site.

It can also clean topsoil and subsoils, removing unwanted rubble, turf, wood and tree roots.

Neil said: “I’m expanding the service I can offer with this new bucket. It comes from Finland and I believe it is the only one of this size in the country. I tend to work with small to medium sized businesses or individuals, so this size of equipment is ideal.

“If you have a pile of mixed soil and rubble, the bucket acts like a sieve to separate the two out. That then gives you two products you can use again on site. It can also be used in damp conditions, unlike some machines, so we don’t need to worry about the British weather!

“It complements the other parts of our business and means we can recycle any demolition waste we have.”

JTC Concrete Crushing’s mobile crushing machines recycle concrete and brick rubble on site – helping clients reduce their costs by saving money that would otherwise have to pay out on skip hire or new hard-core from a quarry.

And it is environmentally friendly too.

The service can be used in the building and construction industry, in farming and agriculture, or for landscaping and design projects.

Neil, who worked in the construction industry for more than 25 years, set up the business because he saw a gap in the market –  investing over £75,000 of his own money, the new machinery is helping him to expand and offer a better service to his customers.

“What I do is create useful products out of inert waste because it is expensive to get rid of it. It you have to have it taken away you have to pay landfill tax, and if you need to bring in aggregate you have to pay quarrying tax, all of which is expensive these days.

“People don’t realise what they can do with their rubble. I have been recently working with a firm knocking some garages down in Wellington. It would have cost £2,000 to hire a skip to get rid of the rubble, then £1,200 for new aggregate. For £600 I could recycle the rubble and save them money!”

When you hire Neil’s machinery, you hire him too.

“I operate all of the machinery on site. I know how it works so you get maximum output from it. It is cost effective for the client because you get a lot more productivity from the machinery.”

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