Britain’s Saddest Dog In Search For New Home

A CANINE rescue charity working throughout Shropshire is appealing for a home for Asha, who they are calling Britain's saddest dog.

Finding Furever homes is desperately searching for a home for Asha a four-year-old bulldog-cross female who is repeatedly overlooked by adopters due to her permanent frown.

Asha has not had the easiest start in life, but she is actually a very happy dog. However, Asha has been in kennels used by Finding Furever Homes in Shropshire for more than a year as her sad face is putting potential owners off.

Finding Furever Homes founder Andrea Newton explains: “We have had Asha for quite some time and she is actually a lovely, sweet and happy dog, but people look at her droopy eyes and sad mouth and think she is miserable and they can't imagine wanting to have her in their home.”

“It's just not accurate though! She isn't a sad dog – it is simply her face and if people can look past that they will find out she is as happy as any dog you are likely to meet. She loves to have a good run out, playing ball is one of her favourite past times but she is built for comfort not speed and it's hilarious to see her bouncing around like a chunky pinball with other dogs.”

Now Andrea is concerned that if Asha doesn't find a home soon her inner feelings will start to match her sad outward appearance.

She said: “Kennel life isn't ideal for any dog as it can be very stressful and doesn't allow them to get the close bond they would with a normal family life.”

“If people can't start to see past Asha’s face and offer her a home she is going to start to become as sad as she looks and no one wants that. All we need is for someone to give her a chance.”

Asha needs a home with either no or older children, with owners who understand she has had a tough time and needs patience to help her settle in and feel secure. Finding Furever Homes are also offering the support of a qualified dog behaviourist (the charity will cover expenses for this) to help her settle in.

For more information about Asha and any of the other dogs available for adoption through Finding Furever Homes please visit