Awards for businesses saving thousands for UK GP Practices and small businesses

Businesses from across the country that work together to save thousands of pounds for GP surgeries and other organisations were honoured at a ceremony in Shrewsbury this month.

Caradoc Medical Services, based in Longbow Close, held its 6th annual Supplier of the Year Conference and Awards at the Greenhous Stadium on June 3.
The not-for-profit consortium, initially set up to negotiate better buying terms for Shropdoc and local practices, has since grown into a national buying consortium with over 25,000 members across the UK.

Among those businesses honoured in 2015 was Wenlock Spring Water. The Shropshire-based company supply water coolers to members of the consortium and were announced as the winners of the Support to Caradoc Award.

Peter Masters, business manager at Caradoc Medical Services, said: “Together the consortium suppliers save thousands of pounds for our members.

“Although originally set up to assist GP practices save money and time it has developed into a consortium for all businesses. We now have a large number of therapists, vets, dentists, care homes and small businesses who are gaining the benefits the suppliers and the consortium offer.
“The annual awards thanks those suppliers who have worked really hard to benefit other businesses and help them save money and improve their work productivity.
“Congratulations to all of those who received an award in 2015.”

Yorkshire-based Practice Supplies scooped the Innovation Award for their work on Caraprint –a new scheme for members offering free printers with a package of printer consumables.

Other winners included Shred-It for Best Service, Assured Air and Water for Savings for GP Practices, Kent Pharmaceuticals for Savings for Out of Hours Providers including Shropdoc and Asgar Hassanali, of

Lockton Healthcare and Jan Lewis of Kays who both received personal awards for their help and support to Caradoc.

“We had some very worthy winners,” added Mr Masters. “All of our suppliers offer great quality products and services and there was tough competition in all of the categories.”

Following the awards a trade event was held to allow suppliers to exhibit their products and services and a number of free workshops were held for those attending.

Rhea Alton, of Shropshire-based J&PR Ltd, said: “It was great to meet other suppliers and the members of the consortium. We have a number of meetings lined up following the event and are looking forward to contributing more to the consortium in 2015.”