Are your employee’s cars safe to drive

If you run a business in Shrewsbury, you need to be sure that your car and your employee’s cars are safe to drive. There are certain clues to look out for to make sure your car/cars are safe and road legal.

For example, does the mileage, age and appearance of the car look consistent? A car that looks like it is from the early 2000’s with less than 30,000 miles on the dashboard would suggest that either it was very rarely driven or more likely that someone has altered the clock.

To be extra vigilant look for any signs like worn screws that the instruments might have been tampered with.

You can also check recorded mileage on service records, MOT 'certificates' and other documents. You can never be too careful when buying seconds hand cars, especially from an unknown seller.

One in three used cars on the market has something to hide, from an insurance write-off, to a mileage discrepancy and a quarter of used cars have had their numbers plate changed.

There are also 200,000 stolen logbooks in circulation in the UK, and current statistics show that one in four cars has an active finance agreement or loan against it, and more than 53 cars per day are identified as stolen.

So before start the payment process of buying or leasing a used car in Shrewsbury you need to get a car check. The is a fully comprehensive car history check, arming you with vital information about the car you want to buy, to protect you from motoring scams and fraud.

This is especially important if your business leases company cars to your workers and is now a legal requirement.

According to the License Bureau, “companies must remember that it’s not only staff that drive company vehicles as the main part of their job that need to be checked. Other employees who may use their own vehicle to perform any job-related tasks no matter how big or small, must be checked”.

Failure to enforce this could result in substantial legal, reputational and financial repercussions should an employee of yours driving s company car be involved in an incident.

So you really can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to your employee’s vehicles so you and they do not fall victim to unlawful second had car dealers in Shrewsbury.


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