Adjazz to perform at Shropshire awards ceremony

A Shropshire school choir that has performed across the world is to take to the stage at the 2016 Businesses for Children Awards.

Adjazz was formed in 1986 at Thomas Adams School by the then head of music Steve Rodwell. 

Over the 28 years that followed the band toured Austria and Switzerland, the USA and appeared on Blue Peter, Channel 4’s Big Breakfast, BBC Radio 1, 2 and 5 as well as ITV’s Hit the Road and Barrymore’s ‘My Kind of People’.

They have also appeared on BBC Music Live, opened the Strasbourg Music Festival  in 2002 and given concerts in Amsterdam, California, Florida, France, New Orleans, Washington and New York.

In June 2004 they toured the Czech Republic performing in Prague as part of an International Festival and in July 2005 they travelled to Paris to perform at Disneyland before touring Barcelona in 2006 to mark their 20th Anniversary. And for  the past seven years they have toured across Europe.

But in 2016 the group will take to the stage at the Businesses for Children Awards (BCAs) being held at the Park Inn in Telford on March 12.

Rebecca Heywood, head of music at Thomas Adams, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be invited to perform at the BCA ceremony. It’s a real honour. The students are already busy practising ready for the event so that they put on a flawless performance.

“There are so many fantastic businesses across Shropshire which provide wonderful services and products for children and young people and it’s great the awards recognise this.”

When the band was originally formed it was open to pupils from 11 to 18 with two requirements for membership - talent and commitment. These requirements are still the overriding principles of the band today.

Rhea Alton, managing director of the BCAs, said: “The awards highlight the businesses that work so hard for children and young people in Shropshire and it is fantastic that they will get to see the talented young pupils of Thomas Adams perform.

“We are very much looking forward to seeing them on the night.”

Adjazz will perform at 7.15pm on March 12 prior to a three-course dinner, followed by the awards ceremony and then dancing.