Accountant Urges Local Firms not to panic buy Brexit services

A SHROPSHIRE and POWYS accountant has hit out at companies and individuals trying to cash in on people's fears for the future following the Brexit vote.

Rob Ellis, Managing Partner of Welch and Ellis, which is based in Willow Street, Oswestry, says the internet and social media is already heaving with people offering courses and services which they claim will help you to 'Brexit’ proof or protect your business – usually for a hefty fee.

But Rob, 39, who lives in Llanfechain with his wife and son, says most of these offers are simply a way of capitalising on people's fears as no one knows exactly what Britain's exit from the EU will look like and the country needs to elect a new Prime Minister before anything significant will happen.

Rob said: "Whatever you think of the way the country voted, the one thing we can all agree on is it is very early days and now is not the time to be panicking. The country has spoken and that is just the very first step, as article 50, the formal notification we wish to leave, has not even been triggered.

"Since we don't know what Brexit will look like it is impossible for someone to honestly say they can Brexit-proof your business. They are simply taking advantage of the newspaper headlines and public fear to promote what they do and I think it only adds to the panic, which does not help with business confidence.”

Rob believes there are always proactive things every business can do in terms of looking at their customer bases and loyalty, their costs, margins and marketing, but he is adamant it is something that should be done as part of a regular ongoing process, not just a one-off triggered by fear of the future.

Now in a bid to demonstrate his own faith in the future of the country and to try and help allay the fears of local business people, Rob is offering a free half hour advice session to anyone who is concerned.

Rob said: "There is no need for people to be panicked into signing up for expensive 'Brexit’ information and consultancy services, especially this early on, so I am happy to sit down with any local business who is really concerned for half an hour and talk about the sort of things they should be looking at in terms of building a resilient business – and I won’t be pretending I have a crystal ball.

"If it makes them feel better paying for this advice I am happy to accept a contribution from them for a local charity as it is a far better use of their money in most cases than some knee-jerk Brexit service."