Acclaimed guitarist brings inspiring tour to Oswestry Spinal Injuries Unit

Internationally acclaimed musician Tom Doughty, who has a permanent spinal injury, brings his ‘If I can do it, you can do it’ philosophy, stressing the value and importance of creating and listening to music, to the Spinal Injuries Centre in Oswestry on Wednesday March 13th from 10.30am.

After a road accident in 1974 when he was 17, Tom’s paralysis affects all four limbs and his balance. He has a very limited claw-like movement in his right hand and no movement in his left.

Through years of persistence and hard work, Tom has developed his own unique way of approaching and playing his instrument to make music accessible to all. He’s an acclaimed acoustic lap slide guitarist, performer, songwriter, recording artist and teacher who has toured the UK and internationally.

He believes that for those with spinal injuries, the skills, fitness and strength required to play a slide guitar can offer a stimulating and motivating rehab tool. “When someone has a Spinal Injury, it is a time of massive change and upheaval in life, yet it is also an opportunity to have time to learn and re learn new ways to be creative”.

He toured the 12 UK Spinal Injury Centres in 2012, when rehab staff and up to a dozen people with similar disabilities to Tom participated in a teaching workshop at each centre. Additionally, Tom provided a concert and a guitar with equipment was left at each hospital to allow the idea to germinate. Tom also provided lessons through Skype to those participants keen to develop their skills.

As well as Oswestry, this year’s tour visits Spinal Injury Centres in Aylesbury, Belfast, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Middlesbrough, Salisbury, Sheffield, Southport and Wakefield, spending a day at each centre and bringing guitars and equipment for up to 10 participants. A second guitar and adaptive equipment will be donated and Tom has recorded several instructional videos which will remain permanently accessible through the internet.