Flaxmill Maltings Open Day A Massive Success

Over the weekend  around 2.500 visitors (1000 on Saturday and 1500 on Sunday) attended the Friends of the Flaxmill Maltings Open Days, some 500 more than the previous record attendance.

The visitors, included a large number of family groups, enjoyed guide tours, art exhibitions and workshops, flax and malting demonstrations, heritage interpretation, the archaeological dig, displays featuring the site’s ecology and the Shrewsbury Canal trust, lively activities for children, live music and refreshments.  They were also able to see and discuss the exciting plans for the sites future redevelopment.

Alan Mosley, Chair of the Friends, said:  “We had two very memorable days, characterised by a great atmosphere and massive community interest and enthusiasm for the site and our plans.  The level of support grows year by year.  Visitors are intrigued by the heritage and recognise the enormous benefits of redevelopment in terms of community facilities, learning, jobs and particularly the regeneration impact.”

Lisa Cowley, Friends Manager, said:  “Everyone is thrilled by the success and the feedback has been tremendously positive. The event could not happen without our very active Committee and growing team of Volunteers.  We had over 30 volunteers each day plus many exhibitors and other helpers.   It was particularly pleasing to see the wide age range and the large number of family groups coming along.”

For further information about getting involved with the Friends please contact Lisa Cowley – [email protected]  Tel 07794739042


A big thank you to Richard and Dea for sending us all these photos.


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More images of Flax Mill Maltings weekend here: http://www.rakm.co.uk/heritage_pages/ditherington_flax_mill/index.html

It was a great weekend.

Thanks Richard, some great photos.