sofia lewis

25 Jan 2023

Madison Violet

Theatre Severn

Walker Theatre



There was a busy and anticipatory audience that were awaiting the arrival of Madison Violet. There were newbies like this reviewer and there were older more partisan fans. But new and old alike knew from the first song that Madison Violet were going to share their golden notes and deliver their...

10 Dec 2022

Beauty and The Beast,

Theatre Severn

December 10th to January 8th (See Brochure)


So the fields have turned to concrete and the water into stone. Deeply ensconced in the worst winter we have had for years, Shrewsbury panto goers were warmed by the hilarity and genius of this year’s Pantomime, Beauty and The Beast. It appears laughter is as good as the central...

18 Nov 2022

The Eighties Show

Theatre Severn

Friday 18th November 2022


Ok, so the Eighties is famous for the decade that killed pop. I will stand by that by saying at the advent of the Nineties, western pop music was vacuous and manipulated by the money men. Well, it could be argued that if you hold that view you only know half the story. Yes, Eighties music was hijacked by...

31 Oct 2022

The Sensational Sixties Experience

Theatre Severn

29th October 2022

If you are a regular reader of these reviews, you may know I like to look at how the music contextually dove tailed with the era and also see; what was the socio, historical and political backdrop for the music that one is to encounter. Last time one spoke of the Seventies and all the problems that brought...

19 Oct 2022

Jasmin Vardimon: Alice

Theatre Severn

18th-19th October 2022

Over the years there has been many ways that the story of Alice in Wonderland has been represented, re-packaged and re-sold to myriad of generations. It lends itself well to interpretation. Could that be because Lewis Carroll, with his mind skewed by opiates, was far from clear on any meanings that his story...

26 Sep 2022

Mersey Beatles

Theatre Severn


I think the most amazing truth about the Beatles music is the fact that just 18 years after the West and the East met in Berlin to destroy fascism together; The Beatles were riding high at number one with “I wanna hold your hand.” Doesn’t it make you wonder, did the one lead to the other? Would have love been all you need if...

06 Sep 2022

Following the incredible success of the last Sound of Shrewsbury Folk concert at The Hive back in May, organisers have promised another one. Over a thousand pounds was raised for Ukrainian relief. Money came in from private donations, raffle and ticket sales. The organisers were delighted and said that they had hoped to reach a thousand but weren’t sure until the first note was played as to...

04 Aug 2022

Theatre Severn,

Shrewsbury Castle,

Quantum Theatre Presents,

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit.

August 4th 2022

Although the castle makes a magical setting for theatre there are a couple of pitfalls that have to be taken in consideration.

Firstly, it is important that when staging the playing angle the low hot and blinding Sun needs taking...

26 Jul 2022

Theatre Severn

Shrewsbury Castle

Three Inch Fools Present

The Gunpowder Plot


To put a play on in the round can expose theatre companies to all manner of conventions which previously they may not have encountered. After all, in a proscenium arched performance the audience is in one place: In the round, they are everywhere. However, these...

23 Jul 2022

Curtain Call Theatre Company

9 TO 5 The Musical,

Walker Theatre

Sat 23rd…Sunday 24th  2.30 & 7.30


Started many years ago as the Young Performers Theatre Group, Curtain Call Theatre Company is an amateur group in Shrewsbury. Taking on the bigger shows it seems this company is well resourced and well attended. As for the noise in the audience it was...


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